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Anonymous says they ‘don’t plan to destruct N.Korea’s intranet’

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Published : 2013-06-23 17:48
Updated : 2013-06-23 17:50


International “hactivist” group Anonymous said Sunday that they will not “demolish North Korea’s intranet,” regarding the group’s announcement of a future cyber attack on North Korea set for June 25, the 63rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

“Our major objective of the upcoming attack is to extract internal documents and to let North Koreans use external sources of the Internet,” said a source from Anonymous during its online interview with a South Korean news agency.

The hackers plan to use DDoS attack on the 48 major state-run websites including the “Korean Central News Agency,” and paralyzing the website in order to hack into their documents. However, they “do not plan to demolish any other websites’ servers,” which means that the group will not interfere with any existing servers used by the citizens of North Korea.

The source especially stressed the organization’s strong will behind the attack by saying, “We do not need any justifications for our attack, but it is just a simple demand from us to North Korea.” 

“Which piece of information to reveal on June 25 is not yet decided, and the search for it will continue until the last minute,” he added.

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