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KEB launches foreign language website

Korea Exchange Bank on Tuesday opened a website for foreign residents offering financial and nonfinancial information in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

The website, dubbed “EasyOne for foreigners,” provides non-nationals with a variety of “information on Korean society” as well as Internet banking services, said the commercial bank.

KEB said it expected that more consumers would also easily access financial benefits of the EasyOne service via the Internet, whereas beforehand it had only been available at offline branches.

Chinese students studying in Korea can enjoy a 50 percent discount on foreign currency remittance fees and favorable exchange rates when they have KEB accounts.

Among other benefits are discounts at amusement parks, restaurants and bookstores as well as low-priced plane tickets.

For expat customers, information about goods necessary for everyday life as well as financial services are provided. A monthly newsletter is also offered.

Its nonfinancial information includes a guide to immigration procedures, telecommunication services and leisure activities.

“Any consumer signing up for the KEB Internet banking is entitled to use the EasyOne service for free,” a bank spokesman said.

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