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박찬욱-박찬경의 ‘청출어람', 英 에딘버러 국제 영화제 초청

영화감독 박찬욱
영화감독 박찬욱

박찬욱 박찬경 감독의 단편 영화 ‘청출어람’이 영국 에딘버러 국제 영화제에 공식 초청됐다.

‘청출어람’은 제 67회 영국 에딘버러 국제 영화제 비경쟁 부문인 ‘Focus on Korea’에서 상영된다.

소리 연습을 위해 산행에 나선 고집불통 판소리 스승과 철부지 소녀 제자의 특별한 하루를 그린 이 작품은 배우 송강호와 전효성이 각각 주연을 맡았다. 약 18분짜리인 이 작품은 본래 코오롱 스포츠 40주년을 기념하는 영화 프로젝트의 일환으로 제작된 것이다.

이번 에딘버러 국제 영화제는 53개국에서 총 146 편의 영화를 초청했다. 비경쟁 부문인 ‘Focus on Korea’ 에서는 ‘청출어람’을 비롯해 ‘지슬,’ ‘남영동 1985,’ ‘광명성,’ ‘베를린,’ ‘원시림’ 등이 상영되어 한국 영화의 위상을 뽐낼 예정이다. 

또한, 봉준호 감독이 심사위원장으로 위촉된 국제 장편 경쟁 부문에서는 강이관 감독의 ‘범죄소년’이 초청됐다. 에딘버러 국제 영화제는 6월 19일부터 30일까지 열릴 예정이다. 


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Park Chan-wook’s movie invited Edinburgh 

By Lee Hyun-jeong

A short film co-directed by Park Chan-wook and his brother Park Chan-kyong, “Day Trip” (Cheongchul-eoram) has been invited to the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), one of the oldest running film festivals in the world.

The movie, showcased in December 2012, will be screened as part of “Focus on Korea,” a special section that offers an opportunity to explore Korean movies. This is Park’s second time to show in Edinburgh after the movie “Oldboy” in 2004.

The 18-minute short features a special day that a master of pansori, Korean traditional vocal and percussion music, and his student spend together. Taking place on Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, the film highlights the harmony of the nature and the Korean folk music. Song Kang-ho, who starred as a vampire priest in Park’s 2009 “Thirst,”plays the role of a stubborn pansori master in this film. Jeon Hyo-sung, a 15-year-old actress who is also a pansori student, takes on the role of the master’s student.

“Day Trip” was originally released online last December as part of a movie project marking the 40th anniversary of Kolon Sport, an outdoor clothing brand.

EIFF offers 146 films from 53 countries including 14 world premiers, six international premiers and 10 European premiers. The festival this year will highlight films from Korea in a special section titled, “Focus on Korea,” screening movies ranging from mainstream commercial films to independent cinema. Featured films include, in addition to “Day Trip,”“Jiseul,” “National Security”(Namyeong-dong 1985), “Pluto” (Myeongwangseong), “The Berlin File,” and “Virgin Forest” (Wonsirim).

 Within the festival, there are two small competition categories. Of those, Bong Joon-ho, the director of “Host”will head the International Feature Film Competition Jury and judge the best film with actress Natalie Dormer and the film critic Siobhan Synnot. One Korean movie, “Juvenile Offender (Beomjoe Sonyeon)” is one of the candidates for the competition.

Swedish movies will also be highlighted at “Focus on Sweden” and new works by American independent directors will be screened at “American Dream.”

Edinburgh International Film Festival will be held from June 19 to 30. (
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