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MBC front man appointed JTBC’s new president

Sohn Suk-hee (MBC)
Sohn Suk-hee (MBC)

Sohn Suk-hee, presenter of MBC‘s political radio show “Siseon Jibjung (focus),” was named the new president of JTBC’s news reporting department, it was announced Thursday. He is rumored to being hosting the general-programming TV station’s primetime “News9” show from June.

On his final radio show, which aired Friday, Sohn said, “The past 13 years I have spent with the show was the best time of my life. The listeners were everything to me, and I would just like to leave today as I left the recording room every morning. Good-bye,” in a trembling voice. MBC announcers gave farewell to the legendary anchorman at the MBC gate.

The former news anchor of MBC quit the broadcasting station in 2006 after 22 years of career as an announcer but kept the radio show, which topped the chart for 13 years since 2000. He reportedly resigned his professor position at Sungshin Women’s University on Thursday to start his new position at JTBC, which is run by the Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper group, from next week.

Sohn was voted as the most respected journalist numerous times and has always topped surveys for mentors for youths. His move is perceived exceptional since TV stations under the wings of newspapers have drawn much concern over the content’s possible political bias.

“I know there are oppositions about my choice. But I hope people could wait for me to carry out what I have been contemplating about the true journalism. I will do my best to let them understand it in the future,” Sohn said.

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