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UFO documentary confirms unusual skeleton is human

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Published : 2013-05-03 13:17
Updated : 2013-05-03 13:17

A 15-centimeter-long mummified skeleton with a deformed shape has been confirmed to have human DNA.

Garry Nolan, professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford School of Medicine, and his colleagues have analyzed the specimen and found that there is no evidence that it originated from an extraterrestrial source.

“Every nucleotide I’ve been able to look at is human,” Nolan told Livescience.com. He added that why the skeleton has been deformed in such way remains a mystery.

About 9 percent of the genes do not match the reference human genome but in general, DNA sequencing indicates that the creature was a severely deformed human.

The research was shown in a crowd-funded UFO documentary film “Sirius.”

Dubbed “Atacama humanoid,” the skeleton was found in the Atacama Dessert in Chile in 2003. Due to its odd shape and size, along with the fact that it had only 10 ribs instead of the usual 12, there were various speculations about the mummified body.

Some had thought it was an alien, others said it was an aborted fetus and others thought it was an unknown primate.

According to Nolan, this case was an “interesting medical mystery of an unfortunate human with a series of birth defects.”

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