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New MBC president nominated

Kim Jong-guk
Kim Jong-guk
The board meeting of the Foundation for Broadcast Culture on Thursday nominated Kim Jong-guk, president of Daejeon MBC, a branch of the nationwide broadcasting network, as the new CEO of the mother company. The foundation holds a 70 percent stake in MBC.

Kim, a Korea University graduate, began his career at MBC in 1982 as a reporter. Kim is reported to have received five votes out of the total nine at the board meeting. He previously served as president of Masan/Jinju MBC as well as Gyeongnam MBC.

Kim’s tenure comes after Kim Jae-hul resigned in March after being accused of biased news coverage, labor abuses and corruption. If approved at the general meeting of stakeholders, Kim Jong-guk will serve the position as the CEO of MBC until March next year when a new board meeting is to be held.

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