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Excavation of ‘treasures’ in waters off Jindo to be resumed

A search for Korean cultural properties that may exist on the bottom of the sea off a southwestern island will be resumed as planned on Wednesday after six months of suspension due to low water temperatures, officials said Tuesday.

The sea off of Jindo Island’s Oryu-ri is likened to “an underwater treasure trove” as top-quality Goryeo celadon vases and bottles were found in the latest survey conducted last fall by the National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage.

Goryeo is the ancient Korean kingdom that existed from 918 to 1392 on the Korean Peninsula.

Also discovered were three guns of historical value, which are believed to have been used by Korea’s naval forces led by Admiral Yi Sun-shin during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592.

The research institute affiliated with the Cultural Heritage Administration said it will conduct the second underwater survey of the area from Wednesday to Nov. 1.

The presence of the underwater relics came to light when a local theft ring was caught in November 2011 in their botched attempt to sell nine pieces of Goryeo celadon illegally unearthed from the site. (Yonhap News)
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