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Korean TV programs win awards at Houston Worldfest

A total of 15 Korean TV programs won awards at the 46th Worldfest-Houston International Film & Video Festival, local broadcasters said Tuesday.

Three programs from SBS, four from MBC and eight from KBS received positive reviews and won awards from one of the oldest and most respected television and film festivals in the U.S.

At KBS, “KBS Special: Kim Jong-il”; documentaries “Dharma, in Search of Truth” and “Super Fish”; and drama “The Princess’ Man” won a Platinum Remi. Documentary “Icarus’ Dream” and “Drama Special: For Her Son” won a Grand Remi, while drama “Man from the Equator” nabbed a Silver Remi. “KBS Science Special: Exploring the Human Mind ― Me” won a Special Jury Award.

At SBS, “SBS Future Korea Report Documentary Special ― HAV 257” won a Platinum Remi, followed by drama “Crayons in My Heart ― Two Boys in the Ring” and “Kim Byeong-man’s The Law of the Jungle” grabbing a Gold Remi.

At MBC, TV drama “Heart Strings” and entertainment show “I Am a Singer” received a Platinum Remi followed by drama ““Moon Embracing the Sun,” and “Tears of the Antarctic,” winning a Gold Remi.

By Bae Ji-sook (