BBC women demand action on gender pay gap now, not in future

'외모'보다 '성격'보는 직장동료?

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Published : 2013-04-18 18:10
Updated : 2013-04-18 18:10


직장인들은 같이 일하고 싶은 동료로 ‘성격 좋은 사람’을 가장 많이 꼽았다.

건강식품 전문쇼핑몰인 애플트리 김약사네가 성인 남녀 414명을 대상으로 ‘사내에서 같이 일하고 싶은 사람’을 주제로 설문조사를 한 결과 여성 38%가 ‘성격 좋은 여성’이라고 답변했다고 18일 밝혔다.

이어 ‘성격 좋은 남성’(25%), ‘일 잘하는 여성’(16%), ‘일 잘하는 남성’(11%) 등의 순이다.

반면 ‘멋진 외모의 남성’(6%)이나 ‘멋진 외모의 여성’(3%)은 동료로서 중요한 조건이 아니었다.

남성들은 ‘성격 좋은 여성’(38%)을 1순위로 꼽았고, ‘일 잘하는 여성’(21%)이 그 뒤를 따랐다.

‘일 잘하는 남성’(13%), ‘멋진 외모의 여성’(11%), ‘성격 좋은 남성’(10%), ‘외모의 남성’(7%) 등의 답변도 나왔다. (연합뉴스)

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Personality counts most at work: survey

South Korean office workers find a “good personality” to be the most important quality in colleagues, according to a recent survey.

A recent study by Apple Tree, a Korean dietary-food supplier, was conducted on 414 business men and women about the qualities they wanted in their coworkers. It turned out “a woman with a good personality” was the most preferred among both men and women, marking 38 percent from each gender group. 

“A man with a good personality” and “a woman who works well” followed for female respondents with 25 percent and 16 percent, respectively. 

Men selected “a woman who works well” with 21 percent and “a man who works well” with 13 percent for the second and third place. 

Perhaps surprisingly, one’s appearance was not considered an important factor in working conditions by either men or women.

“A good-looking man” or “a good-looking woman” ranked at the bottom with only 6 and 3 percent.

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