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Veterans ministry prepares to mark 60th anniv. of armistice

South Korea will hold a variety of events at home and abroad to mark the 60th anniversary of signing the Korean War Armistice Agreement as a way to honor those who made sacrifices during the three-year conflict, government officials said Monday.

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs reported its 2013 policy plan to President Park Geun-hye at the defense ministry, which centers on expanding benefits for war veterans, creating jobs for ex-servicemen and holding various events to raise public awareness of the Korean War that ended in a truce.

The war, in which South Korea fought against an invasion of the communist North, was the first foreign conflict in which all of the armed services of the U.S. were integrated. The U.S. took part along with more than 20 other nations under the United Nations flag.

The ministry said it will designate July 27, the day when the armistice was signed, as a veteran day for U.N. forces and refurbish victory monuments and war memorials across the nation to raise awareness among the public. (Yonhap News)
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