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Mom drunk when she killed four kids

PORT ST. JOHN, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida mother who shot and killed her four children and then herself had twice the legal limit of alcohol in her blood, autopsy results showed.

Tonya Thomas, 33, of Port St. John, Fla., had a blood alcohol content of 0.16 percent. Toxicology experts said that level of intoxication would have impaired her judgment and could have played a role in the tragedy, Florida Today reported Saturday.

“It does reduce normal inhibitions, maybe that played some role in this as well, that in a sober state she may not have done this action,” said Dr. Bruce Goldberger, a professor and the director of toxicology in the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine. “She was more free to act out.”

Thomas killed her four children, ages 12, 13, 15 and 17 on May 15. Each suffered multiple wounds and three of the children tried escaping to a neighbor’s house, only to be called back by their gun-wielding mother, who took her own life with a shot to the head after the children had died, police said.

No other foreign substances were found in Thomas’ body, the coroner‘s said.

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술 취한 엄마, 이 정도로 위험하다

미국 플로리다의 한 엄마가 자녀 넷을 총으로 쏜 후 자신도 쏴 자살하는 사건이 일어났다. 경찰 조사 결과 그의 알코올 혈중 농도는 법정 기준치의 두 배에 달했던 것으로 나타났다.

타냐 토마스(33)의 알코올 혈중 농도는 0.16퍼센트였다. 독성물질 분석 전문가들에 따르면 그 정도의 높은 알코올 수치는 사람의 정상적인 억제 기능을 못하게 만들고 이번 끔찍한 사건에서도 그랬던 것으로 짐작된다고 전해졌다.

토마스는 12세, 13세, 15세, 17세 된 네 자녀를 살해했다. 그 중 세 아이들은 이웃 집으로 피신을 시도했으나 총으로 난사하는 엄마를 벗어나지 못했다. 토마스는 자녀들이 사망한 후 자신의 머리를 쏘고 사망했다. 토마스의 몸 안에 다른 외부 물질은 확인되지 않았다.