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R.ef to return after 8 years

R.ef to return after 8 years

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Published : 2012-09-19 19:48
Updated : 2012-09-19 19:48

One of the most famous K-pop groups of the 1990s, R.ef is making a comeback with a new single “It’s R.ef” on Sept. 25.

The newest record will be the band’s first in eight years since the members ― Seong Dae-hyeon, Lee Seong-wook and Park Cheol-wu ― got back together in 2004. Park did not join in for the recording of the new single.

“The group put all its effort and worked the hardest for this album, which will be released after an eight-year break. The two will try to show their best for the fans who waited for them,” said the group’s management agency, 150.

After debuting in 1995 with the album “Rave Effect,” R.ef produced numerous hit songs including “Luminous Love,” “Farewell Formula,” “Heartbreak” and “Scream in Silence.” After officially disbanding in 1998, the group reunited in 2004 with “Love is Difficult.”

The duo’s new single will contain two songs ― “I Don’t Know Love” and “Love Formula.”


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