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Tiger JK and T to start anti-violence project

Rapper Tiger JK and singer T (Yoon Mi-rae) began a project to prevent violence and harassment in schools, their management agency Jungle Entertainment said on Friday. The two will work with visual artists Lumpens as a team called “The Wanderers.”

The Wanderers is a part of portal website Naver’s “Fashion Icon Collabo(ration)” event, in which the website will sell T-shirts designed by the three artists. The profit will be donated to Naver’s Happy Bean campaign and distributed to organizations that promote anti-violence in schools.

“Most of the time, campaigns promoting anti-violence in schools were made from adults’ perspectives and I felt that the victims and students did not get emotionally moved or convinced by the projects. This is why we created The Wanderers,” said Tiger JK. “I don’t know if our project can be the answer, but I hope that more people will pay attention to school violence and become heroes like The Wanderers.”

The Wanderers T-shirt can be purchased through Naver Shopping until Oct. 31.