Dunkin' Donuts sued over racial bias

By 박한나
  • Published : Aug 21, 2012 - 11:09
  • Updated : Aug 21, 2012 - 11:36

A chocolate glazed donut and a cup of coffee are arranged for a photograph at a Dunkin' Donuts Inc. store in West Orange, New Jersey, U.S. (Bloomberg)

Dunkin' Donuts discriminates against minority owners through unfavorable business locations, a suit filed Monday in New Jersey state court says.

The Massachusetts-based Dunkin' Brands operates nearly 7,000 pastry-and-coffee franchises throughout the country, about 50 of which are minority-owned and located in "economically less advantageous areas," the suit said. The plaintiffs claim the company prevents minority owners from expanding with additional stores.

Former franchise owners Reggie and Amy Pretto, an African-American who now live in Montclair, N.J., were "steered" to "undesirable" locations in Baltimore and Washington after the company allegedly made false representations regarding the unavailability of better spots, The Boston Globe reported.

The law firm Marks & Klein, which won a $206 million settlement against the Quiznos sandwich chain after franchisees sued the company for racial discrimination, is representing the plaintiffs, the New York Post reported. (UPI)

<한글 기사>

던킨도너츠, 인종차별 혐의로 피소

던킨도너츠가 소수인종 점포주들이 원하지 않는 상점을 이들에게 배정하는 방식으로 인종차별을 했다며 고소를 당했다.

미국 뉴저지 법원은 20일(현지시간) 고소인들이 "던킨도너츠가 약 50명의 소수 인종 가맹업주에게 경제적 이득이 적은 지역의 상점을 내줬다"며 소장을 제출했다고 밝혔다.

고소인들은 회사가 소수인종 점포 소유주에게 추가 매장 운영도 허락하지 않았다고 주장했다.

소송을 진행하는 마트앤클레인 법률사무소는 퀴즈노스 샌드위치 가맹점으로부터 인종차별을 문제 삼아 2억600만달러(약 2천330억원)의 합의금을 얻어낸 바 있다.