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Published : 2012-08-20 14:01
Updated : 2012-08-20 18:15

A signboard installed in front of the headquarters building of Macquarie Group Korea in Sogong-dong, central Seoul, shows the names and locations of the financial groups’ units. (Park Hae-mook/The Korea Herald)

Macquarie Korea Asset Management Co. said on Monday it was considering legal action against the screening of a documentary film on alleged business favors the Australian fund operator received through President Lee Myung-bak’s nephew.

The company runs Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund, which has made highly profitable investments in infrastructure projects here including the Umyeonsan Tunnel in southern Seoul and the Seoul Subway Line 9.

The movie “Mac Korea” features its producer and director Kim Hyung-ryul as he digs into the suspicions surrounding Macquarie, and Seoul City councilor Kang Hee-yong of the opposition Democratic United Party who exposed the favorable conditions the city government offered to Macquarie for the tunnel project.

The film, currently about 70 percent complete, is scheduled for release around mid-October.

After viewing the movie trailer, Macquarie recently informed Kim that it was considering filing for an injunction to ban the film’s screening.

“We spoke with the film producer several times and provided detailed explanations on our investment in Korea,” said Park Jin-wook, Macquarie’s managing director.

“But the preview implied serious distortions in the content regarding Macquarie’s connections with the incumbent government. If the movie turns out to match the level of the trailer, we will not rule out filing for an injunction.”

The trailer shows Kim asking President Lee’s elder brother and former six-term legislator Lee Sang-deuk about the relationship between his son Ji-hyung and Macquarie, as well as Song Kyung-soon, former supervisory director of MKIF, testifying during a parliamentary audit that President Lee used to hold weekly seminars at his office in Washington in the late 1990s.

Kim said he will get full legal review to keep his movie from being banned.

“We are producing it in a way that does not meet the legal conditions for prohibition. Since President Lee Myung-bak is involved, we will get a thorough legal review and if there is any problematic part, we won’t release it,” Kim said.

“The film will provide only facts so that the viewers can make their own judgments.”

Should the court grant an injunction, the movie will be made available on the Internet, Kim said.

“If libel is an issue, we could blur faces, but if they take issue with the content, which we want people to know, it could be circulated through the Internet since the injunction will be valid only against screening in theaters,” he said.

Production will be completed as early as late August and no later than mid-September, Kim said.

The director stressed that the purpose of the movie was to shed light on the downsides of private-invested infrastructure projects from an economic perspective, not a political one.

“Macquarie’s businesses here are not illegal, but a lot of problems occurred through Macquarie and we want to look into the drawbacks of private-invested projects,” he said.

President Lee’s nephew Lee Ji-hyung headed Macquarie IMM, a joint venture of Macquarie and private equity fund IMM, from 2002.

Chung Wan-sook, Macquarie’s media relations official, emphasized that her company had nothing to do with the President’s nephew. Macquarie IMM was sold to Goldman Sachs in 2007 and renamed Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

The Seoul City government revised the contract terms in favor of MKIF on the operation of the Mount Woomyeon Tunnel in March 2005, the same month Song took office as board director of MKIF. President Lee was Seoul mayor between 2002 and 2006.

By Kim So-hyun and Lee Woo-young

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