Korean jobseekers target 27 million won in salary: report

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Jul 31, 2012 - 09:11
  • Updated : Jul 31, 2012 - 09:15
The average annual salary requirement of Korean jobseekers is 27.56 million won, according to a survey released on Monday by Saramin, a local online recruitment website.

The survey of 1,062 Korean jobseekers showed that they preferred 27.56 million won ($24,254) on average as their annual salary requirement.

The survey also revealed that 29.4 percent of the total respondents preferred working for major conglomerates while only 17 percent wanted small and medium-sized companies.

Meanwhile, more than half of the respondents preferred jobs in or near the the capital area: 46.1 percent of respondents answered that they want to work in Seoul and 18.2 percent said they are looking for jobs in Incheon or Gyeonggi Province.

Info-communications and IT industry was the most preferred job category with 13.7 percent, followed by distribution and trade industry with 10.6 percent.

By Yoon Sung-won

Intern Reporter


<관련 한글 기사>

구직자들, 연봉 ’이 정도는’ 받아야..

구직자 1,062명을 대상으로 설문조사 결과 희망 연봉은 평균 2천756만원으로 집계됐다고 30일 온라인 취업포털 사이트 ‘사람인’이 밝혔다.

목표로 삼은 기업 형태로는 29.4%가 대기업을 꼽았으며 중견기업(28.2%), 공기업(17.5%), 중소기업(17%), 외국기업(8%) 등의 순이었다.

지역별로는 서울 직장을 원한다는 응답이 46.1%로 가장 많았고, 인천.경기(18.2%), 부산.울산.경남(12.1%), 대전.충남.충북(9.2%), 대구.경북(7.6%) 순으로 답변이 나왔다.

희망 직종은 정보통신.IT(13.7%), 유통.무역(10.7%), 전기.전자(9.4%), 제조업(7.2%) 등 뒤를 이었다.

(코리아 헤럴드)