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Lee offers public apology for brother's corruption

President Lee Myung-bak (Yonhap News)
President Lee Myung-bak (Yonhap News)

President Lee Myung-bak on Tuesday made a public apology for his brother's involvement in receiving bribes from savings banks.

"Fellow Koreans, disgraceful incidents have recently happened to my family and surroundings and caused so much anxiety to people," Lee said.

"I bow my head and extend my apology for causing anxiety to people due to these incidents."

He said he had thought about waiting for the results of the prosecutors' investigation.

However, he said he thought it was right to offer a sincere apology to the Korean people first.

Lee’s elder brother, Lee Sang-deuk, was arrested for receiving 300 million won from the chairman of Solomon Savings Bank before the December 2007 presidential election.

Although the former six-term lawmaker was indicted for bribery, the money he received is believed to have been spent on his younger brother’s presidential campaign.


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李대통령, '모든 것이 저의 불찰'

이명박 대통령은 24일 "근자에 제 가까운 주변에서, 집안에서 불미스러운 일들이 일어나서 국민 여러분께 큰 심려를 끼쳐드렸다"면서 대국민 사과를 했다.

이 대통령은 이날 긴급 기자회견을 통해 "그동안 저는 안타까운 심정으로 이를 지켜보면서 하루하루 고심을 거듭해왔다"면서 이같이 밝혔다.

이 대통령은 "검찰의 수사 결과를 기다리는 것이 마땅하지 않을까도 생각해보았습니다만, 그것보다는 먼저 국민 여러분께 저의 솔직한 심정을 밝히는 것이 이 상황에서 제가 할 수 있는 최소한의 도리라고 판단해 이 자리에 섰다"고 했다.