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'Housewives' actress Kathryn Joosten dies at 72

Kathryn Joosten, a character actress best known as the crotchety, yet loveable, Karen McCluskey on “Desperate Housewives” and the president's secretary on “The West Wing,” has died. She was 72.

Joosten, who had battled lung cancer for 11 years, died Saturday at her home in Los Angeles, her publicist Nadine Jolson said.

Joosten “was surrounded by love and humor `til the end,” her family said in a statement. “We are laughing through our tears.”

Joosten won two Emmy awards for her portrayal of Mrs. McCluskey, who kept a close eye on her Wisteria Lane neighbors on “Desperate Housewives.” The hit show ended its eight-year run on ABC last month with a series finale in which Joosten's character passed away. Her character's battle with cancer was a story line in the show. (AP)


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충격! "위기의 주부들" 여배우 사망

미국 ABC-TV의 “위기의 주부들”에서 캐런 맥클러스키역을 맡아 열연한 할리우드 스타 캐서린 주스텐이 72세의 나이로 사망했다.

주스텐은 지난 11년간 폐암으로 투병생활을 하다 토요일(현지시각) 로스앤젤레스에 위치한 자택에서 숨을 거뒀다.

그녀의 가족들은 성명서를 통해 “주스텐은 마지막까지 사랑과 유머와 함께 했다. 우리는 눈물을 통해 웃는다.”라고 전했다.

주스텐은 “위기의 주부들”로 지난 2005년 에미상 코미디•드라마 부문 여우조연상을 수상했다.