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Ko to return as reclusive cartoonist

In her recent works, actress Ko Hyun-jung has been nothing but a powerful, ruling woman.

She starred as Korea’s first female president in the 2010 SBS drama “Daemul,” and the ambitious, manipulative royal concubine Lady Mishil in MBC’s 2009 hit biopic drama “Queen Seondeok.” Even in her 2007 police procedural TV series “H.I.T.,” Ko played a fierce detective who would not take no for an answer.
Actress Ko Hyun-jung stars in her upcoming movie “Miss GO.” (NEW)
Actress Ko Hyun-jung stars in her upcoming movie “Miss GO.” (NEW)

In her upcoming movie “Miss GO,” however, Ko returns to the screen as a timid, dowdy woman. In the highly anticipated comedy, Ko plays a recluse cartoonist named Cheon Su-ro, who suffers severe social phobia.

The plot of the film develops as Cheon somehow gets involved with one of the biggest organized crime groups in the country, and eventually transforms herself into an extraordinary criminal.

According to the producer of the film, Ko wore absolutely no make-up and dressed in unsophisticated clothes for her socially inept role.

“Even the make-up team was shocked because Ko showed up on the set without her daily BB cream on,” said an insider.

“But everyone was blown away when we saw Ko as the character Cheon, in her drab clothes and no make-up. She was the perfect Cheon Su-ro.”

Ko’s love interest is played by actor Yoo Hae-jin, whose previous works include director Ryu Seung-wan’s 2010 crime thriller “The Unjust” and Kang Woo-seok’s thriller “Moss.”

The actress is currently hosting her own SBS talk show “GO Show.”

“Miss GO” is slated to open in theaters on June 21.

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