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Brit singer Pixie Lott enchants Korean audience

Pixie Lott, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Britain, captivated the Korean audience with her signature husky voice and adorable smile at her album showcase in Seoul on Wednesday evening.

The singer, who gained popularity around the world with her hit-song “Mama Do (Uh oh, Uh oh),” was in Seoul for four days this week to promote her special album “Young Foolish Happy” released only in some Asian countries including Korea, Japan and Taiwan. She left Korea on Thursday for Malaysia, her next destination for the album promotion. 
Pixie Lott dons a hanbok and responds to the audience at her album showcase in Seoul on Wednesday. (Universal Music Korea)
Pixie Lott dons a hanbok and responds to the audience at her album showcase in Seoul on Wednesday. (Universal Music Korea)

The singer first showed off her musical skill along with a somewhat modest stage performance, quite different from what young Korean music fans have seen on YouTube.

On Wednesday, the singer sang seven songs in an hour-long mini concert and tried to get closer to the audience by telling them about her shopping experience on Garosugil in Sinsa-dong.

“We had a little bit of time, so we went shopping on Garosugil. And I bought some clothes and could have been spending hours there but we didn’t have enough time. And we also tried some Korean food which was very tasty,” she told the audience at Club Junkie, where her showcase was held.

Lott, known as a leading fashionista in the U.K., also shared her first hanbok moment, saying it was something she would never forget. Park Sool-nyeo, a leading hanbok designer in Seoul, presented the Korean traditional dress especially designed for the singer in pink. The singer surprised the audience by wearing the hanbok at the end of the show.

Lott is one of many pop stars promoting their albums and concerts in Asia, the world’s fast emerging music market. To win the attention of the Asian audience, she also recorded a track titled “Dancing on My Own” featuring Korean artists GD and T.O.P from boy band Big Bang.

Pixie Lott, whose real name is Victoria Louise Lott, debuted in 2009 with single “Mama Do” which went to No. 1 in the U.K. Singles Chart. She released her second album, “Young Foolish Album” in 2011 with songs entering the U.K.’s top charts.

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