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Woman bites off mugger's finger in Japan attack

A mugger who attacked a woman in Japan fled empty-handed -- and with one finger missing -- after the intended victim chomped off his pinkie.

The 59-year-old woman fought back after a man snatched her bag as she arrived at her apartment in the northern city of Sapporo, police said Tuesday.

The woman gave chase as her attacker made his getaway on a bike, wrenching the stolen tote from his grasp and biting down firmly on his little finger.

"The victim regained her bag in a scuffle and the suspect had one of his fingers partially bitten off before getting away on his bicycle," a local police spokesman told AFP.

Local media reported the top third of the man's finger, which the woman said was from his right hand, had been recovered from the crime scene.


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50대女, “가방 못 뺏겨” 강도 손가락 물어 뜯어

일본의 삿포로에서 한 강도가 여성의 가방을 훔쳐 달아나려다 오히려 손가락을 물어 뜯기는 사건이 발생했다.

59세의 이 여성은 자택부근에서 자신의 가방을 낚아채려는 강도와 사투를 벌였다고 지난 화요일 경찰이 말했다.

경찰 대변인은 피해자가 실랑이 끝에 자전거로 도주하려는 강도를 따라가 그녀의 가방을 다시 찾고 강도의 손가락을 물어 오른쪽 새끼 손가락의 3분의 1이 떨어져 나가는 부상을 입혔다고 말했다.
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