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Brits admit Australian penguin-napping

Two young Britons who stole a penguin from an Australian theme park paid a large fine Wednesday after pleading guilty.

Rhys Owen Jones, 21, and Keri Mules, 20, were fined $1,000 Australian ($1,034 U.S.) each for trespassing, theft and keeping a protected animal, The Courier-Mail of Brisbane reported.

Dirk, a Fairy penguin, was stolen from Sea World, a popular theme park on the Queensland coast, April 14. Jones and Mules said they had been drinking heavily before they broke into the park with a group of rowdies and woke up the next day in their apartment in Southport with no idea why they had a penguin.

The pair made an attempt to care for the penguin and then released it in an area heavily populated with sharks. Dirk, cold and unhappy but alive and uneaten, was found under a jetty.

Jones and Mules were identified as the penguin-nappers when someone spotted photos on Facebook of them posing with Dirk before his release and turned them in.


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술김에 놀이 공원에서 펭귄 훔쳐 달아나

호주 놀이 공원에서 펭귄을 훔쳐 달아난 두 명의 영국인에게 벌금형이 내려졌다.

지난 4월 14일 히스 오웬 존스(21)와 케리 뮬스(20)는 ‘덜크’란 이름의 펭귄을 퀸스랜드의 인기 테마 파크 씨월드(Sea World)에서 납치해 무단침입과 절도, 보호동물 강금 행위로 1,000달러의 벌금을 받았다.

두 범인은 만취상태에서 공원에 침입하였으며 다음날 그들의 아파트에서 깨어났을 때 옆에 펭귄이 있었지만 사건경위를 기억하지 못한다고 진술했다.

그들은 펭귄을 해변가에 놓아 주었지만 그곳은 상어들이 운집한 지역이었고 운좋게 살아남은 이 펭귄은 둑 아래서 발견됐다.


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