Lady Gaga spotted dancing at hotel aerobics room

By Korea Herald
  • Published : Apr 25, 2012 - 16:19
  • Updated : Apr 25, 2012 - 20:16

Lady Gaga was spotted practicing her dance routines with her dance team this week at the fitness center of a hotel in southern Seoul by a hotel guest. 

At the aerobics room in a hotel fitness center, on the fourth floor of the hotel, the pop star seemed to be going through the performances she will showcase at the upcoming concert, the witness told The Korea Herald. The hotel’s fitness center was renovated in December last year.

Lady Gaga is staying in the hotel’s presidential suite on the 17th floor, the most expensive room in the hotel, priced at 4.8 million won ($4,200) per night. Numerous international VIPs including soprano Jo Su-mi and pop star Mariah Carey have stayed in the presidential suite.

The 200-square-meter room has a bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen as well as a separate meeting room, and is decorated with masterpieces by renowned artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Pablo Picasso. 

Several fans were at the lobby on Wednesday, chatting excitedly with one another while hoping to see the pop star.

“We followed her from the airport so we all know that she is here. I actually saw her here on Sunday. I just saw all of her dancers going out for a rehearsal, but her security guard went back up, so we are guessing that she is still upstairs. But it is raining very hard so she might not come down,” said 15-year-old Justin Chan.

“I can’t go to the concert, so I am here. There were more fans here on Sunday, all under-aged, aged between 12 to 17,” he added, showing the photo he took with his star.

He brought a letter, actually two, just in case one fails to reach her, asking if she could do something so that underaged fans could see the concert as well. 

By Park Min-young

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레이디 가가, 공연 앞두고 호텔서 뭐하나..

서울 공연을 앞두고 있는 팝가수 레이디 가가가 호텔 에어로빅 연습실에서 안무를 맹연습하고 있다.

레이디 가가는 27일 잠실종합운동장에서 열릴 예정인 콘서트에서 선보일 무대를 준비하고 있는 것으로 추정된다.

그녀가 묵고 있는 17층 특별실은 호텔에서 가장 비싼 방으로서 하루 숙박료가 480만원에 달한다. 소프라노 조수미, 팝스타 머라이어 캐리 역시 이 방에서 묵은 적이 있다.

이날 수많은 팬들이 레이디 가가를 보기 위해 호텔 로비를 찾았다. 저스틴 찬 (15)이란 팬이 밝힌 바에 따르면 그녀를 기다리는 팬들의 연령은 12세에서 17세 정도라고 한다.

찬은 “우리는 그녀를 공항으로부터 쫓아왔기 때문에 그녀가 여기 있는 걸 안다”라며 취재진에게 그녀와 같이 찍은 사진을 보여주었다.

그는 콘서트에 갈 수 없기 때문에 호텔을 찾았다며 혹시나 레이디 가가와 만나지 못할 것을 대비해 성년이 되지 않은 팬들도 그녀의 공연을 볼 수 있게 해달라고 요청하는 편지 두 통을 가져왔다고 밝혔다.

레이디 가가의 콘서트에는 만 18세가 되지 않은 관객은 입장할 수 없다.