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Hackers target soldiers

South Korean military officials are being targeted by hackers using e-mails with North Korea-related attached files.

According to local news reports, South Korean military officials have been receiving e-mails containing attached files with titles related to North Korea or Seoul-Washington relations.

One e-mail contains a file with a title that suggests it is an analysis of North Korea’s New Year’s editorial.

Another appears to be from a U.S. military officer, and contains a hacking program in a file disguised as an analysis of South Korea-U.S. relations after the death of Kim Jong-il. The North Korean leader died of heart failure on Dec. 17, with his third son Kim Jong-un assuming power.

If the attached files are opened on a computer connected to the internet, the program imbedded in the file extracts all data saved on that computer.

Although there have not been reports of such e-mails resulting in a loss of data, the military has warned soldiers and has put computer emergency response teams on heightened alert.

By Choi He-suk
Korea Herald Youtube