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Former MLB pitcher Park signs for minimum salary

Former Major League pitcher Park Chan-ho said he wants to pitch in Korea not for the money, but for his passion. He proved it on Tuesday by signing a one-year deal with the Hanwha Eagles on the minimum salary of 24 million won ($20,540).

The 37-year-old was paid $1.2 million a year while playing for the Japanese outfit Orix Buffaloes. He was released by the team in October after a disappointing season, going 1-5 with a 4.29 ERA.

The Eagles initially planned to sign him on a 400 million won ($342,000) deal with an option of another 200 million won, but announced plans to donate the money to help nurture amateur baseball, in keeping with Park’s wishes.

“It doesn’t matter how much I earn. I just want to give something back to society, and become a role model for other young players,” Park said Tuesday during a signing ceremony in Seoul.

Park said that he was looking forward to wearing his No. 61 jersey for the first time in front of home fans.

Park Chan-ho (Yonhap News)
Park Chan-ho (Yonhap News)

“Today is really special. Over the past 18 years, I’ve been longing to play baseball in my country, and the dream has finally come true.”

Park, who made his professional debut with the L.A. Dodgers in 1994, has never played in Korea’s top pro baseball league.

He has played for numerous clubs, including the Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates. In 17 years in Major League Baseball, Park set a record among Asian players with 124 career wins.

He left the MLB in 2010 to join the Buffalos.

Hanwha’s signing of Park came just a week after the Korea Baseball Organization revised its rules to allow the first Korean-born Major leaguer to play here.

Under the previous rule, Park would have had to enter the KBO draft in August and, if picked, wait until 2013 to be eligible. But the KBO passed a special rule last week enabling Park to join the 2012 season.

The former MLB pitcher said he is now focused on finishing his career in the KBO.

Asked how long he would be on the mound, Park said: “I don’t know, but I’m just focused on preparing for next season, I want to win the league title.” 

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박찬호, 한화와 최저 연봉 2천400만원에 계약

한화는 아마야구발전기금 6억원 기부

프로야구 한화 이글스 유니폼을 입는 '코리안 특급' 박찬호(38)가 한국야구위원회(KBO) 규약상 최저연봉인 2천400만원에 계약했다.

한화는 20일 박찬호와 1년간 2천400만원의 최저 연봉에 계약을 맺었다고 밝혔다 .

대신 박찬호에게 줄 계획이었던 보장금액 4억원과 옵션 2억원을 포함한 최대 6억원을 아마야구발전기금으로 내놓겠다고 덧붙였다.

박찬호는 전날 한화 구단과의 첫 만남에서 연봉 등 계약조건과 관련한 모든 결정을 구단에 위임하고, 자신이 받을 연봉 및 옵션 전액을 구단이 유소년 및  아마야구 발전을 위해 기부하도록 했다.

미국과 일본에서 활약한 18년 동안 연봉으로 약 1천억원을 번 박찬호는 애초부터 돈에는 큰 의미를 두지 않았다.

앞서 박찬호보다 먼저 국내 복귀 절차를 마친 이승엽(삼성)은 연봉 8억원•옵션 3억원 등 총 11억원, 김태균(한화)은 연봉 15억원에 계약했다.

하지만 40대를 바라보는 박찬호에게 이들과 같은 대우를 해주기는 어렵다는 전망이 지배적이었다.

한화에서 책정한 박찬호의 확정 연봉 4억원은 에이스인 류현진의 올해 연봉과 같다. 프로 6년 차 선수의 몸값으로는 최고액이었다.

박찬호는 이날 오전 중구 소공로 플라자호텔에서 한화 입단기자회견을 한다.

박찬호는 먼저 구단을 통해 "그토록 원했던 한국 무대에서 야구인생을 마무리할 수 있도록 최선을 다해 주신 구단주와 모든 야구 관계자 여러분께 감사드린다"면서 "한국야구 발전을 위해 남은 기간을 보낼 계획이다. 야구 꿈나무들이 더욱 좋은 환경에서 야구에 전념할 수 있도록 돕겠다"고 말했다.