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Daejeon’s all-day gig to help children

A day of rock n’ roll is to be held in Daejeon to raise funds to help disadvantaged children.

Picture My Face Bookings and ROKD have organized the 11-hour music festival to be held on Dec. 17 at Daejeon Cantina to raise money for Save the Children.

Picture My Face is a promotions company which has been planning band nights in Cheonan, Daejeon and Cheong-Ju for about five years and is bringing a mix of Korean and foreign bands together to perform for charity. The ladies from ROKD, Korea’s only roller derby league, will be MC’ing the event.

The day stage will be open from 4:45 p.m. and will feature Mahatma, Vidulgi Ooyoo, Midnight Smoking Drive, Paradigm, Paryumchiakdan, Tiger Summer, The Primary and Billy Carter.

The nighttime gigs will include sets from Galaxy Express, One Drop East, Skasucks, Genius, Seoul City Suicides, The Essence and Black Leather Lagoon from 11 p.m.

Event organizer Brian Hough said: “What we wanted to do was create a show that would attract people from all over the country.

“Right now the two biggest music scenes in Korea are Hongdae and Busan, but they’re also a long way a ways from each other.

“Daejeon becomes sort of the ‘halfway’ point where you can bring fans and bands from Busan, Seoul, Daejeon, Cheonan and Cheong-ju together with an amazing and diverse array of talent.

And it’s that fact, that people are coming from everywhere, that makes it one of the most unique live events you’ll see all year.”

Tickets for the whole event are 25,000 won in advance with day tickets selling at 12,000 won and night tickets available for 15,000 won. Tickets bought at the door will cost 30,000 won, 15,000 won and 20,000 won, respectively. Funds raised at the event will go to aid the Korean branch of international charity Save The Children.

“One reason we wanted to do the fundraiser for Save the Children was that they go beyond simply relieving and assisting children in need of a hand, but actually go that extra step in advocating for children’s rights on issues like child labor, sex slavery and human trafficking and the horrific use of child soldiers,” Hough added.

“They manage to both help children in the here and now while doing the groundwork to better the future of children everywhere by enabling and empowering them. Save the Children does so much, in so many places and so many different ways that the more we looked at them the more we realized that how much we wanted to work with them and we’re really proud to do so.”

For more information go to the Picture My Face Bookings Facebook page.

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