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Romanian star Inna starts campaign to curb domestic violence

BUCHAREST (AFP) ― Romanian dance music star Inna launched Friday a campaign against domestic violence with a website and a video clip of her newest song, encouraging women to speak out against abuse.

“Unfortunately, domestic violence is an extremely serious problem, and not only in Romania. I hope that this campaign will help solve it,” Inna told AFP.

“Women are ashamed to admit they have been physically or verbally abused.

Our site ( will address this issue in such a friendly way that women will feel encouraged to speak out and call for help.”

The 25-year-old brunette and 13 other successful young women ― actresses, fashion designers or journalists ― have lent their faces to this campaign posing as victims of abuse disfigured by scars and bruises.

Inna has also posted on the website her newest song, “Endless,”the story of a young girl who quits her boyfriend after a violent fight.

“Nothing can justify abuse against women, neither fatigue nor alcohol,”stressed the artist who has sold some two million singles in the world, including 470,000 in the United States, and boasts over 100 million views on YouTube for hits like “Amazing,” “Sun Is Up” and “Hot.”

Official statistics put the number of deaths caused by domestic violence in Romania at around 800 between 2004 and 2009.