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iPhone 4S gets radio approval

Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 4S has gotten radio approval in Korea, the National Radio Research Agency said Friday.

The radio approval, however, does not necessarily indicate imminent sales of iPhone 4S in Korea.

The Apple handset will have to receive approval from the Korea Broadcasting Commission, with the launch date to be decided among local telecom providers.

Considering that it took more than a month for the previous model iPhone 4 to be marketed here after radio approval, industry sources predicted sales of iPhone 4S could begin in November.

The iPhone 4S, which was launched in the United States early this month, sold more than 4 million units during the first week followed by the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

It is expected to be popular in Korea as well as Jobs’ biography has become a best seller and users will want a replacement to the iPhone 3GS. 

By  Lee Ji-yoon (