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Daegu dog walk seeks volunteers

The Korean Animal Protection Society is to hold a dog walk in Daegu on Sunday, Nov. 6.

Participants will meet at Daemyoung Dog Shelter near Daemyoung Subway Station Exit 4 at 2:30 p.m. before walking their new furry friends around the lake at Dyuru Park.

“In Korea, we rarely get big dogs so most of the dogs we will be walking are small companion animals,” said walk organizer, Emma Thompson. “They may be small but they love the walk and are very friendly.”

Anyone who is interested can then help with a second walk or go on to visit an animal shelter for cats.

Thompson warned animal lovers planning to attend to be aware that western standards of accommodation do not always apply at Korean shelters.

“Some people can find it overwhelming on their first visit,” she said.

“It is best to concentrate on the fact that we are giving the dogs a day trip out and really make the most of their day. Trust me, they will really appreciate your love and attention, even if only for a couple of hours.”

The organization welcomes longer-term volunteers to help with a range of tasks to help benefit abandoned animals living at the shelter.

KAPS also appreciates donations of dog leashes and harnesses, warm dog clothes as well as food, worming medicine and treats. For more information and to register to attend, go to
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