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International bazaar to attract 2,000 people

The Seoul International Women’s Association’s diplomatic bazaar is to be held on Tuesday, Nov. 15, kicking off the organization’s 50th anniversary.

The event is the largest international fund-raising event in Seoul with more than 40 embassies joining women’s clubs, welfare organizations and vendors as well as local and international sponsors to raise cash for charity.

Volunteers join to sell products, foods and cultural goods from all over the world to benefit those in need. An international food court and cultural performances also help to attract around 2,000 attendees from the Korean and international communities, who can also try the Lucky Draw or Dream Lottery on the day.

In its 33-year history, the bazaar has raised more than 2 billion won ($1.7 million) for charity, and organizers have set a goal of 2 million won for this year’s event.

The bazaar benefits more than 30 Korean charities each year through the SIWA Welfare Program.

This year’s recipients have included Chungju Seongmo School for the Blind, New Light John’s House, St. Benedict’s Sheltered Workshop for Young Women with Disabilities, Francisco Home for the Elderly, Seton Shelter for Immigrant Women, Maeshil Orphanage, International Mongolian School, Peace House, Seoul Shelter for Women, Emmaus Center, Love Diner for the Elderly, Asia Multicultural School and Myongdo Workshop Shelter.

Organizers welcome cash sponsors, item donations and volunteers to help run this year’s bazaar, to be held from 9:30-3 p.m. at the Grand Hilton Convention Centre, Seoul.

For more information email SIWA president Terri Hartman at