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Wife obsessed with education slapped with fine in divorce

Son left psychological disorder after abuse

A wife obsessed with education was slapped with a fine during a divorce suit after physically abusing her son because of his poor grades, court officials said on Wednesday.

According to the Seoul Family Court, the wife was ordered to pay 10 million won ($8,750) after the husband was granted divorce. The names of the family members were withheld from the media.

The wife was found to have verbally and physically abused her two children, especially her younger son for failing to perform to her expectations in school, according to officials. Through the abuse, the son was left with a psychological disorder.

“The major responsibility for the divorce rests with the wife who one-sidedly blamed the husband for his different ideas about children education,” court records said.

“The mother worsened the family discord by refusing to carry out her duties as a mother and wife.”

Considering several factors including age, sex and the wish of the two children, the court decided to grant the wife custody of the older daughter, and the husband custody of the younger son.

According to the court, the wife had praised the daughter who met her educational expectations but would physically abuse her son for not doing the same. It added that she assaulted the boy, deprived him of his sleep and sprayed him with a hose, and told him that he had no reason to live.

Worried for his son’s health, the husband sent the boy to his grandparent’s house for the summer in 2008, which led to a dispute between the couple and the wife refusing to cook, clean and care for the son and father.

The son was diagnosed with adjustment disorders and other symptoms following the child abuse in January.

Since 2008, the couple had slept in separate rooms and refused to talk to one another.

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