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Doosan chairman emphasizes quality over quantity

Doosan Group chairman Park Yong-hyun on Monday said the company must focus on qualitative growth.

In a message posted on the company’s intranet to mark its 115th anniversary, Park said that the company should now focus on qualitative growth and that it should continue trying harder despite its achievements.

“Through rapid changes and bold investment, Doosan has secured competitiveness comparable to global companies in the field of infrastructure support business,” Park said in his message. He added that despite such achievements, “pride should not become overconfidence,” and that the company must continue to innovate and take on challenges to improve.

“Under the leadership of the CEO, bold technological investments should be made to develop outstanding products and services that create high added value.”
Park Yong-hyun
Park Yong-hyun

Park also said that the philosophy of “people are the future” should be reflected in all areas of management, and that an environment where employees can have a sense of belonging and pride should be established.

In his message, Park also said that Doosan needs to take on corporate social responsibility befitting the company’s growth.

Aside from Park’s message, Doosan said it recorded sales of 12.65 trillion won ($12 billion) and operating profits of 1.17 trillion won during the first half of the year.

Compared to the figures from the same period last year, Doosan’s sales were 7 percent higher, and operating profits were 18 percent larger.

For the entire year, the company said it plans to raise sales to 27.47 trillion won, 12 percent higher than last year, and operating profits by 11 percent to 2.15 trillion won.

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