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Man “drops by” mother’s home with light airplane

A man crashed into mother’s house with a light aircraft after making a phone call that he would “drop by.”

Konrad Schmidt, a 47 year-old engineer from Switzerland, had attempted a suicide attack with his rented Diamond Aircraft DA42 in his town, located north of Zurich last Saturday.

Luckily, the 68 year-old mother survived from the crash because she was in the basement when the incident occurred.

She said to the police that right before the attack, there was a phone call from her son saying “Are you home? I am going to visit soon.”

Konrad had been suffering form financial problems for past couple of years, while having discords with his mother. His father, who was a pilot, also failed in maintaining a family relationship and had moved out.

The attacker was solely raised by his mother, but blamed her for the family break up.
One of his friends said “he was suffering from mental problems,” according to local reports.

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'집에 들릴게요' 40대男 비행기로 母家돌진

스위스의 한 남자가 “집에 들리겠다”며 모친과 통화를 한 뒤, 집에 경비행기로 자살 테러를 감행하였다.

올해 47세인 Konrad Schmidt씨는 Diamond Aircraft DA42기를 임대한 후 이와 같은 범죄를 저질렀다. 다행히도 68세의 모친은 사건 발생 당시 지하실에 있어 살아남을 수 있었다.

이웃 등의 진술에 따르면, Konrad씨가 어렸을 적 비행기 조종사였던 아버지가 집을 나가 어머니가 혼자 이 남성을 양육했었다. 하지만 Konrad씨는 이혼의 이유를 어머니의 탓으로 돌렸고, 때문에 관계가 좋지 않았던 것으로 나타났다.

지난 2년 동안 무직이었던 Konrad씨는 정신적으로 문제도 있었던 것으로 지인들의 진술에 따라 밝혀졌다고 현지 언론은 전했다.
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