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Police: US teen killed parents, then had a party

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) — A 17-year-old boy is accused of bludgeoning his parents with a hammer, then hosting dozens of friends for a party while their bodies lay in the bedroom, police said Monday.

Tyler Hadley of Florida is charged with twin counts of first-degree murder in the deaths, which authorities say happened Saturday. He is being held without bond at a juvenile detention center and it‘s not immediately known whether he has an attorney.

The parents — Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley — were believed to have been struck with the hammer in their heads and torsos sometime after their son posted on Facebook around 1:15 p.m. Saturday alerting friends to an evening party at his house, north of West Palm Beach.

Investigators believe the parents were attacked outside their master bedroom and the bodies were moved into the bedroom and the door locked.

As many as 60 people attended the party that night, according to Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Tom Nichols. They were loud enough to prompt a noise complaint and a visit by police officers. When they arrived at 1:30 a.m. Sunday to warn about the noise, the party was already breaking up, Nichols said.

A scene from CNN
A scene from CNN

Then, police said, they received a tip that murder may have taken place. They returned to the home at 4:20 a.m., finding the bodies covered with towels, files, books and other household items, and the hammer between them.

The mother, 47, was an elementary school teacher. The father, 54, worked for a power company.

Autopsies were underway, but police said they believed they died of blunt-force trauma.

Hadley had attended high school, according to police, but had not graduated. They said they did not know what the motive was.

By Jung Eun-jung


Intern reporter

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10대 청소년, 부모 살해 후.. 파티 벌여

17세 미국 청소년이 자신의 부모를 망치로 때려 숨지게 한 후 시신을 침대에 뉘어 놓은 채로 수십 명을 초대한 파티를 연 것으로 드러나 미국 사회에 충격을 주고 있다.

현지시간으로 월요일, 미 플로리다 주에서 벌어진 1급 살인 범죄는 아들 타일러 해들리가 부모의 망치로 머리와 몸통을 가격하면서 일어났다. 

범행 이전 오후 1시 15분에 해들리는 그 자신의 집에서 파티를 연다며 페이스 북을 통해 친구들을 초대했으며 부모의 시신은 침대 위에 수건, 파일, 책들로 덮여 방치 된 채로 60여명의 친구들이 그의 집에서 파티를 즐겼다.

경찰은 이웃의 소음 공해 신고를 받고 출동해 이미 파티가 마무리 되던 중인 다음날 새벽 1시 30분에 해들리의 집에 도착했다.

경찰은 현장에서 살인이 일어났다는 제보를 받고 새벽 4시 20분에 해들리의 집을 다시 방문했을 때 47살 모친 메리 조 해들리와 54살 부친 블레이크 해들리의 시신을 침대 방에서 발견했다.

타일러 해들리는 고등학교를 입학은 했으나 졸업은 하지 않은 것으로 알려져 있다.

시신의 부검이 진행되고 있는 가운데 타일러 해들리는 소년원에 보석없이 구금되어 있으며 정확한 살해 동기는 아직 밝혀지지 않았다.