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GNP leader picks close aide as new secretary-general

A close aide to the newly-elected chairman of the Grand National Party Hong Joon-pyo was appointed secretary-general on Tuesday, despite backlash from pro-Lee Myung-bak and pro-Park Geun-hye groups.

Floor leader Hwang Woo-yea and policy chairman Lee Ju-young, together with council members Reps. Nam Kyung-pil and Na Kyung-won, supported the chairman’s selection and approved Rep. Kim Chung-kwon as new secretary-general.
Kim Chung-kwon
Kim Chung-kwon

However, Reps. Yoo Seong-min and Won Hee-ryong strongly protested the plan and ended up leaving the Supreme Council office, according to party officials.

The two respectively represent the pro-Lee and pro-Park factions in the council.

The party leader, however, expressed disapproval with the backlash.

“We no longer have time to spare on internal issues,” he said.

“From this day onward, I shall hear no more discussion on the in-party post appointment.”

The Gimhae-born secretary-general is known to be one of Hong’s closest aides, having worked as the party’s floor spokesperson while Hong took the floor leader post back in 2008.

Also, second-term lawmaker and former judge Rep. Kim Gi-hyeon was appointed as the party’s new spokesperson, officials said.

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