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Toddler dies locked in sweltering car

A babysitter in the United States who allegedly left a three-year-old in a car unsupervised for eight hours has been charged with negligent homicide.

Genee Brumfield from Louisiana, who is also the godmother of the victim, left the child in the car while visiting her mother on the way to the day care center.

All the doors and windows were locked, while the heat inside the car reached 65 degrees Celsius.

According to the police, it took eight hours until Brumfield’s sister discovered the unattended child. The unconscious boy could not be recovered.

“We are still fact-finding. We are still talking to neighbors, relatives, anyone who may have information as to what happened, trying to determine from resident if someone may have seen the child in the vehicle,” the spokesman told reports.

The convict was emotionally traumatized after finding out what she had done, and was sent to hospital.

By Kang Yoon-seung
Intern reporter

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3살 아기, 찜통 자동차에 갇혀 사망

미국의 한 여성이 3살 아이를 자동차에 무려 여덟 시간 동안 방치해 사망에 이르게 한 혐의로 체포 되었다.

피해 아동의 대모(大母)이기도 한 Genee Brumfield씨는 아이를 탁아소에 데려가던 중 친정에 들리다가 이번 일을 저지른 것으로 나타났다.

조사에 따르면 모든 자동차의 창문과 문은 잠겨있었고, 햇볕이 매우 강하게 쬐었기 때문에 자동차 실내 온도가 섭씨 65도까지 달하였다.

약 8시간이 흐른 뒤 피의자의 친 언니가 아이를 발견하였으나 끝내 숨을 거두었다.

한편 Brumfield씨는 자신이 벌인 일에 심리적 충격을 받아 병원에 입원하였다.
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