Two celebrity couples go public with relationships

  • Published : Jun 2, 2011 - 18:30
  • Updated : Jun 2, 2011 - 19:12
Actress Nam Sang-mi, 27, revealed she’s dating co-star Lee Sang-yoon, 30. Nam, who has been dubbed as “original beauty,” told her fans at a cable channel talk show Tuesday that she was in a romantic relationship with her partner from the SBS drama “Life is Beautiful.”

Lee Sang-yoon, known for his smart image as he attends Seoul National University in Korea, played Nam’s husband in the drama. 
                        Lee Sang-yoon                                                     Nam Sang-mi

The announcement came the day before the two stars head to the Philippines for a vacation with their colleagues.

Singer Baek Ji-young, 35, hinted at the KBS entertainment news show that there was a man for whom she has romantic feelings. The man turned out to be actor Jeong Seok-won, who is nine years younger than Baek. Baek carefully admitted to the relationship, saying that they are in the stage of “getting to know each other” at the moment. 
                                   Jeong Seok-won                               Baek Ji-young

The agencies of two stars also confirmed their relationship, saying the two were introduced to each other by their acquaintance last July and started dating around January this year. Baek and Jeong have been frequently seen in public, watching musicals together.

Baek, recently performed in the MBC singer survival show “I am a Singer,” released her eighth album. Jeong, who debuted in 2008 by the epic drama “King Sejong,” recently starred in the SBS drama “Midus.”

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