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Mobile homepage launched for IAAF World Championships

The Organizing Committee for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 launched its mobile homepage (http://m.daegu on April 11 in a bid to help its citizens gain information on the sporting event. 

The homepage will allow smart phone users to access diverse content and information on the event, including game schedules, ticketing, its official theme song and other promotional videos. The Committee said that it has also launched an English-version site.

In order to boost citizen participation, the Committee said that it had prepared a menu for people who have created video content on their smart phones to upload it to the homepage. 

The Committee will hold an event in which citizens can compete in offering the best celebratory remarks for the opening of the homepage. The event will last until April 30 and prizes include tablet PCs, MP3 players and entry tickets for the IAAF World Championships. 

In addition to the mobile homepage, the Committee plans to offer a mobile application for smart phone users in order to help them check game results, related news and other information on a real-time basis.