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Bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef)

Bibimbap is a mixed dish of cooked white rice, vegetables, beef, garnishes and red pepper paste. The dish is known to have come from the customs of memorial services and rural villages. It is very easy to prepare by just mixing together cooked white rice with various vegetables and red pepper paste. 
Bibimbap (KTO)
Bibimbap (KTO)


● 450g (2½ cups) non-glutinous rice 600g (3 cups) water

● 300g young pumpkin (½ tsp) salt

● 200g skinned bellflower roots 4g (1 tsp) salt

● 120g beef (top round)

● 200g soaked bracken

● 2 eggs

● 3g kelp

● 26g (2 tbsp) oil

● fried red pepper paste

● seasoning sauce

● 18g (1 tbsp) soy sauce

● 6g (½ tbsp) sugar

● 9g (2 tsp) minced green onion

● 5.5g (1 tsp) minced garlic

● 2g (1 tsp) sesame salt

● 0.3g (⅛ tsp) ground black pepper

● 4g (1 tsp) sesame oil

1. Wash the rice, soak in water for 30 min. drain water on a strainer for 10 min.

2. Cut the young pumpkin into 5~6 cm-long strips, then cut them 0.3 cm-wide, shredded into matchsticks, soak with salt for 10 min., wipe the water off with cotton cloths. Shred bellflower roots into 5~6 cm-long strips and 0.3 cm-wide, add salt and fumble them with hands, let it sit for 10 min., then rinse and squeeze water out.

3. Clean blood off beef with cotton cloths, shred into 6 cm-long and 0.3 cm-wide pieces. Wash the bracken, cut into 5 cm-long pieces. Season beef and bracken with seasoning sauce.

4. Panfry egg for yellow/white egg garnish, shred it into 5 cm-long and 0.3 cm-wide strips.

5. Put the rice and water in the pot, heat it up for 4 min. on a high heat. When it boils, continue to boil it for another 4 min. Then lower the heat to medium, boil for 3 min. When the rice has become sodden, put the heat to low, steam for 10 min. until well-done

6. Preheat the frying pan and oil, stir-fry pumpkin on high heat for 30 sec. spread out and cool down.

7. Preheat the frying pan and oil, stir-fry bellflower roots on medium heat for 5 min.

8. Preheat the frying pan and oil, stir-fry beef and bracken respectively on medium heat for 3 min.

9. Pour oil into the pan, fry kelp on medium heat for 10 sec. Crush into large pieces.

10. Put the minced beef, green onion, garlic and half of the sesame oil in the pot, stir-fry them on medium heat for 2 min. Add red pepper paste, sugar and sesame oil, stir-fry for 5 min. Add water, stir-fry for another 3 min. to make fried red pepper paste.

11. Serve steamed rice with prepared foods and fried red pepper paste on top.

(Adapted from the Taste of Korea)
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