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Education chief donates book money

An avid mountaineer and educational superintendent of South Gyeongsang Province has donated the proceeds from his mountaineering book to 18 local charities.

The educational superintendent of South Gyeongsang Province gave millions of won in proceeds from his book, a climbing guide to mountains in the surrounding area, to local charities.

Ko Yeong-jin donated 10 million won ($9,140) to nurseries, teen retreats and centers for senior citizens and disabled people, a total of 18 different facilities.

The profits came from one month’s sales of his book “Gyeongnam’s Mountains” which has already had 3,000 copies printed and sold.

Covering 100 mountains in 18 of the province’s cities and counties, the 270 page book features introductions, maps and local sight-seeing spots.

Ko has scaled 400 famous mountains throughout Korea between 2004 and 2007.

According to Ko, he plans to have 2,000 more copies published and donate the proceeds from those to charities too.

“I hope that my book becomes an important compass in exploring the mountains of South Gyeongsang, and although the proceeds are small I hope that it will be of some help to those in need,” said Ko.