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SBS drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ wins platinum at Houston film festival

Korean broadcasters had a fine showing at the 44th Houston International Film Festival from April 8-17, with SBS programs winning six awards and KBS taking four.

According to SBS, the drama “Brilliant Legacy,” which aired from April to July in 2009, featuring singer-actor Lee Seung-gi and actress Han Hyo-joo, won the Platinum Remi for TV Series Full Length. The drama depicts a relationship between Eun-seong (played by Han), who loses her inheritance and family to her stepmother, and Woo-hwan (played by Lee), who accidently inherits a famous Korean restaurant.
SBS TV drama “Brilliant Legacy.” (SBS)
SBS TV drama “Brilliant Legacy.” (SBS)

Another SBS drama, “Father’s Home,” won the Platinum Remi for TV Series Special.

Among SBS programs, “Crayons In My Heart” won Silver for Children’s Program; “Asiatic Black Bear’s Return to Nature,” got Silver for TV Special Documentary; and “Story of Seung-il: What It Means to Live” and “TV Animal Farm,” picked up the Special Jury Award.

Among KBS programs, documentary “Don’t Cry Tones,” which told the life of the late priest Lee Tae-suk in 2010, and TV film “The People’s Son” also won the Platinum Remi at the film festival.

Lee set up a school in Tones, a town in Sudan, where the majority of the population has Hansen’s disease. The Catholic priest was diagnosed with cancer during a short trip to Seoul and he passed away at the age of 48, unable to return to Tones. The documentary was later adapted to a short film and the film drew more than 400,000 Korean moviegoers.

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