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Interest-free installment on Nissan models

Nissan Korea is offering special financing programs on the Altima+ sedan and the crossover utility vehicle Murano until the end of the month.

With the Altima+ 3.5 and the Murano, the company is offering a 36-month interest-free installment program with 35 percent of the price paid up front.

For the Murano, the company will also provide a 4 million won ($3,700) fuel voucher to those making the purchase in cash.

The Altima+ 3.5 is priced at 37.9 million won and the Murano is priced at 50.8 million won on the local market.

Along with the financing deals, the company is holding a test-drive campaign until May 1. During the period, the company’s entire lineup including the supercar GT-R will be available for test drive. For more information call Nissan Korea’s customer hotline at 080-010-2323 or visit its website at