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SFAA opens only to press and buyers

The biannual fashion show held by South Korea’s veteran fashion designers who are affiliated with the Seoul Fashion Art Association will only be open to buyers and members of the press this season.

Seoul Fashion Art Association’s 2011 F/W collection kicks off its three-day collection on April 12 at the Fluxus building in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul. The main theme will be “Eco” and the shows are expected to be smaller in size compared to last year.

Twelve of SFAA’s major members will participate in this season’s collection. Shin Jang-kyoung of “SHIN KANG KYOUNG TRANS-MODE,” Park Jae-won of “Park Jae-won Boutique,” Oh Eun-hwan of “Oh Eun-hwan” and Kim Dong-soon of “kim dong soon” will be showcasing their works on April 12.

Haneza of “Haneza,” Pak Dong-jun of “Pakdongjun,” Rubina of “RUBINA” and Park Youn-soo of “PARKYOUNsOO” will display their works on April 13. Jin Teok of “JINTEOK,” Bakangchi of “BAKANGCHI,” Sul Yun-hyoung of “Sul Yun-hyoung” and Kim Chul-ung of “KIM CHUL UNG MODE” will display on April 14.

SFAA, jointly with Lotte Department Store and Korea Food for the Hungry International, will also hold a donation program to help Japan’s quake relief. Designers will sell limited editions for the program at temporary stores in Lotte Department Stores.

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