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Compact, diverse: 2011 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

Shorter, more focused event includes new program that concentrates on inking deals abroad

It is finally spring, but for the fashion-savvy it is already fall.

2011 F/W Seoul Fashion Week kicked off its six-day run Monday at SETEC in Daechi-dong, southern Seoul.

Started a decade ago, Seoul Fashion Week is now one of Asia’s biggest fashion fairs, having showcased about 900 designers and promoted over 1,200 Korean fashion firms so far.

This season’s SFW is a day shorter than last year, taking into account foreign buyers’ requests for a more compact schedule. Yet, it is more diverse. Along with its usual main programs including “Seoul Collection” and “Generation Next,” a new program titled “Fashion Take-off” is making its debut.

“‘Fashion Take-off’ is made to fill the big gap between the veteran designers showing at Seoul Collection and the young designers of ‘Generation Next,’” said Lee Hannah, project manager at Bridge Company, SFW’s PR agency.

“Composed of designers who are currently hot in Korea but not that big on a global scale yet, the program will be focusing on inking deals abroad.”

“Generation Next” and “Fashion Take-off” start Tuesday at Kring in Daechi-dong, southern Seoul.

Nine designers who have been running their brands for five to ten years, including Choi Ji-hyung of “Johnny Hates Jazz,” Kim Jae-hyun of “Jardin de Chouette” and Steve Jung and Yoni Pai of “Steve J & Yoni P,” will roll out their 2011 F/W collections through “Fashion Take-off” at Kring.

At “Generation Next,” show-goers can see collections by nine up-and-coming designers who run brands that have been around for under five years. Participating designers include Ji Il-keun of “INSTANTOLOGY,” Kim Jae-hwan of “Alani” and Lee Young-lee of “Lilee.”

“Seoul Collection” is running at the main venue, SETEC, featuring 27 established designers who participated in the program at least three times and have been running their own brands for more than 10 years. 
The finale of “Miss Gee Collection” by Gee Chun-hee at 2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. (Seoul Fashion Week)
The finale of “Miss Gee Collection” by Gee Chun-hee at 2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. (Seoul Fashion Week)

The list includes Choi Bum-suk of “General Idea,” Lie Sang-bong of “Lie Sang Bong Paris,” Gee Chun-hee of “Miss Gee Collection,” Song Zio of “SONGZIO homme” and Kim Seok-won and Yun Won-jeong of “ANDY & DEBB.”

“Seoul Fashion Fair,” a trade show for mid-sized fashion companies, is taking place as usual. A total of 56 brands are participating and 12 among them are holding presentation shows.

A charity bazaar to help Japan’s quake relief is planned on the final day of the show. Garments donated by designers and products provided by various fashion and beauty companies will be on sale.

Seoul Fashion Week runs through April 2 at SETEC and Kring in Daechi-dong, southern Seoul. For more information, visit
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