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200 people break into S. Korean-run construction site in Libya

 About 200 people forced their way into a South Korean-run construction site in Libya, and half of them are still occupying the site, the foreign ministry said Friday.

   Discontent over the government's housing policy is believed to be a reason for the intrusion in Derna in eastern Libya at around 12:30 a.m. (local time) Thursday, the ministry said. A similar incident happened at the same site last month, causing millions of dollars in damage.

   A warehouse was put on fire in Thursday's raid, the ministry said in a statement.

   About half of the intruders left, but the other half are still at the site, it said.

   The company, whose name was not made public, has suspended work and is monitoring the situation, the ministry said. There were no clashes with the intruders, it said.

   South Korea's embassy asked the Libyan government to resolve the situation at an early date, while asking other Korean firms operating in the African nation to take safety precautions, the ministry said.


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