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Thai traditional nights to illuminate Seoul

Thailand is only a six-hour flight away but the country’s embassy is to bring the Land of Smiles even closer this week with two days filled with traditional cultural performances.

“This event aims to promote cultural understanding between Thais and Korean people through the presentation of Thai traditional dances, music and puppetry,” said Thai Ambassador Chaiyong Satjipanon.

To be held at the National Theater’s Small Hall on Feb. 11-12, the event titled “Luminous Thailand: the Celebration of Lights, Colors and Sound,” will entertain the audience with graceful traditional Thai dances depicting the rich and diverse cultural heritage found in the kingdom.
The Hun Lakhon Lek Joe Louis Troupe bridge Korea and Thailand with their puppetry. (Yoav Cerralbo/The Korea Herald)
The Hun Lakhon Lek Joe Louis Troupe bridge Korea and Thailand with their puppetry. (Yoav Cerralbo/The Korea Herald)

Among the performances specially selected by the Thai Ministry of Culture’s Bunditpatanasilpa Institute are the candle dance, the mask dance, the archaeological dance and the four regional dances from different parts of Thailand.

Each of these is accompanied by a special orchestra of traditional Thai musical instruments.

“Another performance that must not be missed,” said Satjipanon, “is a duet of traditional Thai xylophones and the harmonious ensemble of a Thai and Korean instrumental performance especially prepared to reflect the existing long cordial ties between Thailand and South Korea.”

Adding to this cultural event is the performance by the “Hun Lakhon Lek Joe Louis Troupe,” which was awarded the World Master title in the field of traditional performance art at the 2010 World Masters’ Festival in Arts and Culture in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province.

“Throughout Joe Louis’s three performances of ‘Michael Jackson’s Return,’ ‘Live Puppet Manipulation’ and ‘the Capture of Princess Banjakai,’ the audience will be captivated and amazed by the perfect synchronization of man and puppet, the ancient Thai art which was once at the edge of extinction,” said the ambassador.

“Thai Cultural Nights in Seoul is surely a cultural event not to be missed this winter and a wonderful experience to be shared with your family, friends and loved ones,” he added.

Tickets are now available on a first-come, first-served basis, free of charge.

Reservations should be made by calling the theater at (02) 2280-4135 by Feb. 7.

To read more about the event visit the embassy’s site at

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