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Marines to get redesigned uniforms

The Marines this year will try out new combat uniforms in a revised color scheme that will set them apart from other armed forces, officials said Sunday.

   The defense ministry approved the design for the new fatigues late last month, and the new uniforms will be distributed on a trial basis from early September, the officials said. The final version of the uniforms will come after any alterations should troops report discomfort during the trial period, they said.

   The uniform's colors, which combine gray, blue and sand hues, have been adjusted to reflect the Marines' needs in ambushes and amphibious landings. The new color scheme will set the uniforms apart from those of the Army, Navy and Air Force, according to the officials.

   Tags for name and rank will be detachable, and neck warmers have been added, they said.

   The Army is set to distribute new combat uniforms from July with adjusted camouflage patterns that adapt to different surroundings.

   The Air Force said last week it has started using an automatic body-measuring system to issue uniforms better tailored to each individual. (Yonhap News)

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