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Ex-KH editorial writer dies

Kim Kak, former editorial writer for The Korea Herald, died of bile duct cancer Friday morning at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital. He was 76.

Kim had been a journalist for four decades since he joined the Korea Times as a reporter in 1957. He became an editorial writer for The Korea Herald in 1972.
Kim Kak
Kim Kak

Kim also briefly served as former President Park Chung-hee’s secretary for public relations in 1973.

He then returned to The Korea Herald and wrote editorials until 1998.

Kim is survived by his wife Hyun Shin-sook and daughter Kim Nam-joo.

His funeral service will be held at 7 a.m. on Jan. 9 at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital (02-2258-5965). He will be cremated at the Suwon Cremation Center in Gyeonggi Province.