Actress Lee accused of infidelity by ex-husband

  • Published : Nov 22, 2010 - 17:32
  • Updated : Nov 22, 2010 - 17:32

Actress Lee Eung-kyung, currently married to actor Lee Jin-woo, was accussed of infidelity during her previous marriage after her public criticism of her ex-husband on SBS morning talk show “Bae Gi-wan, Choi Young-ah, Jo Hyung-gi’s Good Morning.”

Lee Jin-woo (left), Lee Eung-kyung (Captured from SBS)

Lee, who jointly appeared on the show with her current husband on Friday, claimed she suffered financial and emotional distress in her first marriage. She blamed her ex-husband, whose last name is Choi, for “using” her as a means of money making and leaving her debt ridden and vulnerable after their divorce.

In response to Lee’s remarks, Choi posted an enraged entry on the SBS show’s website, saying the divorce was in fact a result of Lee’s affair outside with her current husband Lee Jin-woo. “I even went to a police station to bring an accusation against them for adultery,” Choi wrote. “I decided to drop the idea at the last minute because I didn’t want Lee to be remembered as a ‘cheating mother’ to our child.”

Following Choi’s angry claims, a man who claimed to be Lee Jin-woo’s former manager posted another online entry on the same website, saying he knows the “truth” behind Lee’s divorce of Choi. “Do not act as if you are an innocent victim,” the man, whose last name is Jeong, criticized Lee of her remarks against Choi on the show. He also blamed Lee’s husband Lee Jin-woo for not paying his wages for two years of his work. “I’d lived with him for two years while working for him,” he wrote. “But I was fired after not being paid at all, not even 10 won.”

The SBS show no longer provides the particular episode featuring Lee online, as her remarks increasingly became controversial.

By Claire Lee (clairelee@heraldcorp.com)