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John Park topping Huh in ad battle

Superstar K’s runner-up John Park is ahead of the first-prize winner Huh Gak when it comes to shooting commercials, online entertainment news media Star News reported.

Since the final episode of Superstar K, Park has been flooded with a series of advertisement contracts. 

John Park poses for outdoor sports brand Lowe Alpine (Lowe Alpine)
John Park poses for outdoor sports brand Lowe Alpine (Lowe Alpine)

Park once filmed a Coca-Cola commercial as an official mission of the Superstar K program. According to the report, Coca-Cola is now considering an official contract with Park, who accentuated his masculine image through the demo commercial.

Park has already finished shooting a commercial for an outdoor sports brand two days after the final Superstar K episode. He has been asked by several advertisers to shoot commercials for products including cellphones, cosmetics and small electronic goods.

An official from the advertising industry said Park’s sophisticated image is appealing to advertisers. The official also added that the total amount of money Park will have earned by shooting commercials will exceed the prize money Huh Gak received for winning the first place.

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Edited by Rob York